Fish of the Month:

Inshore: Sheepshead

Offshore: Amberjack

Double points awarded

FYI The "Weigh Slip" is used to record either a Weigh, Release or Points. An email to weighmaster@hsfc.com will constitute an official weigh slip. It must contain the same information as on the paper weigh slip: Angler's Name, Species, Weight, Length, Date, Time and a Clear & Identifiable Picture. A Weigh Slip may be submitted for "points only", but you still must submit a Clear & Identifiable Picture. A new Club Records will be created for Marlin, Sailfish, Tarpon & Shark based on the Number of recorded releases per Year. A new Club Record will be created for Redfish & Snook bases on the Heaviest Fish caught within the slot size. A Weigh Slip may still be submitted, for "weight only", if you have already surpassed the allowed 10 Weigh Slips for a species. We encourage Catch & Release, however any fish may be kept if legally taken within the State of Federal Regulations.​

5 Points for Each Weigh or Release Slip
15 Points for Each Slip for a Fish of the Month
100 Points for 20 Different Species caught/Year
100 Points for Heaviest Fish of the Year
100 points for "SLAM" Inshore/Offshore
200 Points for a New Club Record

Angler of the Year: 1st - 5th Trophy, $, Prizes
Junior Angler: 1st - 3rd Trophy, Prizes
Overall Heaviest Fish: Certificate
Heaviest per Species: Certificate

Congratulations to

Charlie Bird

on 2019

Angler of the Year


-Angler of the Year is awarded to the "Angler" that accumulates the most points at the end of the club year. (Oct. 1,2019 - Sept. 30,2020)

-All fish must be caught according to I.G.F.A. Rules & FWC Recreational Regulations.

-All fish must be caught within a 100 mile straight line distance from the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

-All fish must be weighed by the Weigh Master, by a personal scale provided that the scale has been certified by the Weigh Master, the State, IGFA or weighed at a Club Certified Weigh Station.

-All Submissions must use an Official H.S.F.C. Weigh Slip (including all "released" fish, weigh slips of other recognized tournaments are accepted).

-Anglers must provide a Clear & Identifiable picture of each fish caught. Multiple fish can be in 1 photo.

-All weigh slips must be submitted within 30 days of the catch.

-Maximum of 10 weigh slips for each species per Club year will be used to calculate points. 

-Any fish to be considered for a "new club record" must be witnessed by a board member.

-All Marlin,Sailfish,Tarpon and Shark will be scored on a release basis. For the club record purposes, the total number of all weigh slips for each species caught in a single day will be used. (You may exceed the 10 weigh slip restriction for a club record)

-All Redfish and Snook must be within "slot" for species (FWC Recreational Regulations).

-An electronic weigh slip may be submitted on the club website (HSFC.com) located on the weigh master tab link.

-HSFC encourages "catch and release", however, any fish may be kept provided it was legally caught under state and federal laws.

-Inshore Slam is Trout, Redfish and Tarpon. Offshore Slam is Dolphin, Wahoo, and King Mackerel.