Looking for a fellow member to go fishing with? Participate in the Fishing Buddies program! Whether you have a boat or not, the program will help you contact a club member looking for someone to fish with. If you are looking for someone to go surf fishing or just fishing off a pier, the program will help you get someone to go with.

Here's how it works:

Member without boats; if you don't have a boat and would like to go fishing, contact William Hallums at 206-930-4164 or dollarbillprod@msn.com. William will reach out by email to the HSFC membership and let them know you are looking to go fishing (offshore/inshore) on a certain date. If someone is going fishing on that date they will contact you. Please notify William if someone has contacted you and your name will be removed from the list.

Members with boats; if you have a boat and are looking for one or more members to go fishing with, contact William (see above) and he will post the date and time you are going fishing on the email list. Availability is on first come first serve basis, so contact William that you have a fishing buddy or buddies for that day. *Fishing buddies are expected to share the cost of fuel and bait.

Surf and Pier Fishing; if you would like to arrange for a surf or pier fishing date, contact William (see above) and he will post the date, time, and location for fishing.

Please share your fishing stories and photographs so we can publish them in the HSFC Newsletter and on Facebook.

   Tight lines to all,

   William Hallums

   Fishing Buddies Coordinator

Fishing Club

Daytona Beach, Florida


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Fishing Buddies Program