Station #6: Casting
This station is designed to teach kids how to cast safely. Hula-hoops will be set out on the ground for the kids to use as targets.  Lessons taught: How do I cast this rod? Safety, watch the hook! Be careful of people next to you. Controlling your cast!  Aim for the Hula-hoop.

Station #5: Fish Identification
At this station volunteers will assist young anglers identify fish in our local waters. 

Station #3: Tackle
At this station the young anglers will learn about different types of fishing tackle. Several types of rods, reels and tackle are displayed with a presentation on the proper handling of the tackle.  A major portion of this station is teaching the importance of a fishing license, understanding of saltwater fishing regulations, and the Fishing Lines Magazine as essential components of their tackle box.  Lessons taught: What do I need in my tackle box? First aid kit and sun screen protection! What are the regulations?

Station #2: Fishing Knots
At this station kids are taught some basic knots used by beginner fisherman. They will be given a hands-on opportunity to tie a knot themselves using a large demonstration hook and rope.  Lessons taught: Safety first, hooks are sharp!  Your equipment is only as good as your knot! How do you tie a clinch knot?  How do you tie a uni-knot?

Station #1: Registration
The program starts at the registration tent.  Registration forms are completed and the children are staged in groups of 15 – 20 kids to proceed through the program.  Registration data is used to develop a data base for planning future events.

As part of our educational commitment to the community, HSFC provides a series of hands on clinics to introduce kids to the past time of recreational fishing. Topics include; conservation and environment responsibilities, proper salt and fresh water fishing techniques, and a special Kids Fishing Clinic.  As always, these events are provided free to all children and their parents or guardians.  We also provide, when funds are available, free lunch and snacks to the children and their parents / guardian attending our programs.

Our Kids Can Fish Too series has become extremely popular in the last several years. Through the financial support of Fish Florida and other state and local organizations and business we have given over 1500 free fishing rods and reels away to these children and had several offshore fishing trips specifically for kids at no charge.

Funding to support our programs is solely dependent on sponsorships from various businesses and organizations. Since the start of HSFC’s Kids Can Fish Too clinics, our primary goal has been to promote a valuable community services that will improve the lives of young adults.  Our future plans are to find new venues that provide a safe and accessible place to draw larger groups of people to participate in our programs.  HSFC is searching for organizations to partner with in order to enhance the future success of our organization and its commitment to community service. Ready to sponsor? Review our corporate sponsorship packages.

We appreciate your interest in our organization and will be happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss ways we can coordinate your interest into our events. Thanks to our sponsors!

Thanks for taking the time to review this program and I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Heather Scherer

HSFC Kids Fishing Director

HSFC is also looking to enhance the educational content of our programs to include topics on health awareness and personal safety in our recreational activities.  With that we can structure our programs to include such topics as, the importance to keep hydrated when you’re fishing, protecting your skin from sunburn, and how to avoid the risks of heat stroke. Basic first aid skills can be incorporated into our clinics on topics like; what to do if you get a fish hook stuck in your hand? How to treat cuts and scrapes? How do you treat a jelly fish sting?​

Station #4: Good Angler
At this station children are taught the importance of becoming an ethical angler. Topics here are designed to educate the children about positive ways they can conserve Florida's marine fisheries and wildlife management. Safety and responsible angling are illustrated with pictures, props, and display boards.  Lessons taught: Fish by the rules!  No Habitat, No Fish! Increase fish management through catch and release angling!  Limit your take, don’t take your limit!  Don’t teach trash to swim!   Practice safety afloat!  Proper fish identification and handling.


Our kids' fishing clinic is designed to teach children between the ages of 6 to 12 the fundamentals skills of recreational fishing.  These programs offer hands on learning about safety, environmental, and conservation awareness while enjoying the sport of fresh and salt water fishing.  These clinics are presented through a series of seven stations that take about an hour to complete.  The children are rotated through each station every 8 to 10 minutes.  

The following is a brief summary of each station’s function:

Station #7: Finish Line
Children will receive a rod and/or goodie bag (depending on funding).  Information on the Halifax Sport Fishing Club will be available along with some merchandise for sale.